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Social Media Marketing
“We know we’re in good hands with these guys. They have the right strategy and they really take care of their clients."
Kevin Indig
Director of SEO at Shopify
“We have a steady stream of new clients coming in thanks to this SEO company. They gave our business all the tools it needs for success, and we’re seeing results already!
Amrita M
VP Marketing
"I was so impressed with this company's SEO service. Not only did they get us top positions on Google for all of our major keywords, but we haven't seen a dip in ranking since their work began! I highly recommend them if you're looking to take your business online."
Nick S
“This hard-working SEO team provides a consistent stream of fresh organic leads, we have massively increased our SEO footprint since working with Andrew.”
Gillian Crawford
Admissions director
“A great SEO company that helps us grow organic reach and then turn that into actual new business.”
Mark Harper
General Manager
“Andrew has a unique mix that I haven't come across in 20 years. His strategic brain coupled with the ability to make complex things simple and layman understand them makes him one of those rare individuals who can do both so well, which is why he's been able to achieve such success as an SEO consultant despite being just over two decades into his career! Andrew continues self-development every day by learning new tools or techniques - this means when we work together on projects they are always bleeding edge compared other content retailers out there nowadays..”
Charles L
B2B SaaS Leader
“We worked with Blue Link SEO as an extension of our team, using the brilliant minds of seasoned SEO experts allowed us to scale various TOFU acquisition programs from scratch.”
Ashley B
Head of B2B
“My company’s Google rankings and overall site traffic improved dramatically after just a few months of working with BlueLink SEO. The service we’ve received has consistently been above and beyond our expectations. Brilliant SEO!”
James Cutler
IT department
"The team was instrumental in building out the E-Commerce traffic acquisition strategy from scratch, using very unique approaches"
Luke V
VP of Marketing