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  • January 3, 2019
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SEO spam can sometimes be problematic for small business owners or just site owners in general as often these spam links are there without knowledge, and this causes slowdowns or perhaps the site being infected. Removal of spam pages requires a ton of work. It requires analysis of publicly available files on the web server. You need to review everything to find the root of all of these problems. Seo spammers has a lot of spamming techniques which include, inserting links into existing pages on a website, redirecting pages on your website to their own. They also add spam comments to blog posts or hosting spam content. Spammers also add in forums, wikis, and other applications to various websites which are populated with spam content and links. It’s easy to infiltrate spam content from other websites via iframes and file inclusions.

There are many ways seo spam could hurt your website. It has negative consequences and would surely affect the performance of your site. Once the search engines discover that there are a lot of links to low quality websites, they may take action against it. For example, google may mark your website as being infected with a malware attack. This can lessen the number of visitors your site gets from search engines. Having a lot of spam outbound links on a website’s page may reduce engine rankings. If the spammer has made your website a part of a so called “link farm”, it may start to receive thousands of low quality incoming links. Search engines may deem this a negative trait, or view it negatively.

SEO spam can severely damage a business’s reputation. Updated pages with spammy content is the main cause of this because when people search for your business, some spammers would add unrelated content. Such as, sexual in nature or selling sex toys or viagra, and the like. An out of date plugin, a weak password, or insufficient server security may be a target for seo spam attacks. It makes your site vulnerable if you have these weakness, a weak security is more prone to these attacks.

There are plenty of signs which indicate the presence of SEO spam a website. This includes warnings. In Google search console, you’ll be alerted if Google discovers an unusual link or page activity and has penalized a website. Some notifications include, unnatural links to your website, user generated spam penalty, hacked website penalty, spammy structured markup penalty, cloaking or sneaky penalty, thin content with low or no added value penalty. You will notice if you have problems with SEO Spam if there’s a significant number of backlinks coming to the website. You’ll also notice incoming links that have unusual texts.

One way of knowing if there are seo spams is that you should look for new or unexpected pages or folders in the website. New pages or new posts being added in WordPress without one’s knowledge is a clear sign that the website is being infected by a seo spam. Look for unexpected content being added on WordPress.

SEO Spam attacks on WordPress usually starts with a hacker or a backdoor on a certain server. It identifies a vulnerability in the WordPress core, a theme, as well as a WordPress plugin. Hackers are indeed a pain in the neck. Having additional security may help you protect yourself against these types of hackers. You need a strong one, that can bounce back the “genius” of high level hackers.               

Finding and removing Seo Spam from a website can be challenging but possible. Track down the backdoor and eliminate the entry point that the hacker used. Changing of passwords will also help secure your website. Reinstalling your WordPress core files is also a good idea. It’s safe to replace your WordPress installation, but of course it depends on your server. There are a lot of third party tools which can scan your website and identify compromised files or spam pages. This is also one way of combating seo spammers, better safe than sorry.  

Seo Spam can be quite the annoying especially if you don’t know or are aware with what’s going on. It affects almost everything, from businesses to normal websites. It’s always important to come prepared. Being aware in the activities going around on one’s website is imperative. Putting your website on a very high security will increase the chance of keeping seo spammers at bay.

When you found SEO spam in your database, it means the spammer has achieve to access to all of your administrative section. It will automatically make your WordPress SALT keys new and will also change your password on your database, hosting accounts, and FTP accounts. Hackers can access direct through the database to remove any WordPress users that are unauthorized, they can also check all of the users email addresses and change all WordPress user passwords.

One and the other of your WordPress Database that you may find a spam in your website’s folders, remove them manually, then use information that are previously collect from Google search console to help you fix issues and Ahrefs to help you find the spam pages location. This will help you to “remove” any spam pages.

As mentioned above, to ensure safety it’s probably best to replace any WordPress core files with updates or the latest versions. Keeping your website up to date is essential and imperative against certain spasms or attacks. Any antivirus or antispyware would be a huge welcome to ensure that your site is free from viruses, spammers or any sort of attack.

In retrospect, keeping your WordPress free from spam or viruses would make things less of a hassle. Online businesses would not have much of a headache when things run silky smooth without spams and other annoyances. Having getting rid of these unnecessary problems will help solve issues moreover avoid more problems in the future. Search engine optimization is important for all websites, and having a spam free website will make things more orderly and systematic.

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