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League.com is a leading digital provider of health insurance to employers and health professionals. Proprietary testing tools and data analysis tools have been used to determine various SEO metrics and visibility of the domain league.com.

Some other core technical issues present are the overuse of JavaScript.


A large number of technical and non-technical issues were present on the domain league.com. These issues ranged from a sub-optimal implementation of IP redirect and detection, to poor on-page optimization. The domain wasn't currently performing well from either a branded or non-branded standpoint. Upon testing the root domain where the crawl path was initiated from https://league.com presented a total amount of 19 redirects (redirect chains) were present as an example.


A large number of technical fixes were recommended. From a UX and SEO perspective, the page’s architecture should be built using graceful degradation. This mean that when you remove any bells and whistles the site would be functional (readable and navigational) without JavaScript turned on and fallback redundancy should be built in.


Working with both development and content and large number of technical issues were addressed, including correct internationalization setup and redirect chains removed. In total we produced a development and content backlog with recommendations that came to over 3500 words in an audit.

200+ technical recommendations

2000% increase in sessions

100's of development hours saved

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