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The SEO channel has traditionally been underplayed throughout the evolution of FreshBooks. Traditional focus has been to drive trials and leads through paid search. The current rate of spend on paid channels is not supporting a continuation in user acquisition. ‘Law of diminishing returns’

Boosting the organic channel was key - we developed their product-led SEO growth.
The traffic 'hockey sticked' within the first month.
Diversifying traffic via SEO
Social shares by network


To boost online visibility through SEO and organic search.


Deploy a product-led SEO growth strategy and build out a marketplace or template gallery targeting all of FreshBooks verticals in the SMB space.


An astronomically high amount of search visits across the world, programmatically designed it quickly became their highest trafficked section of the website which drove trial acquisition at scale.

1000x in traffic

10x in MRR

2 Months TTL

From The Client

“Initially I had my doubts about this approach to boosting trial acquisition at scale, but when I saw the hockey stick in our traffic reports - I was really really impressed - Mike”

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