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If you are currently attempting to kickstart your brand-new start-up business, then you may be surprised to learn that there is so much more to starting a business than you initially realized. Although you may be great at the operational side of things, such as developing your product or services, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, you probably do a lousy job at marketing. Marketing now as two major sides, traditional marketing which is what some of the well-established and more seasoned business owners and entrepreneurs have had to adapt to, and digital marketing, which requires so much more than just launching a website and having your product or service placed on social media platforms. Even if you set up an account on every social media platform that is currently out there, unfortunately, it’s still not enough to traction to effectively kickstart and sustain your new business.

Unless you learn how to perform the inner workings of SEO Marketing or hire someone who knows and understands this space, then your web and social media presence will not provide you with the rewards that you are expecting which are to ultimately generate sales. For that matter, unless you become skillful at driving traffic to your site and implementing keyword/search engine optimization strategies, you’ll be missing out on sales opportunities that your competitors are likely taking advantage of.

In Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares book called Traction, it explains the 19 areas that are needed to provide your business with the traction it needs to shift into gear and experience explosive growth. Of the 19 areas of traction that have been indicated in their book, we’re going to focus on one, which is SEO, short for Search Engine Optimization.

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur and you are looking for ways to kickstart your new start-up business, then SEO/keyword optimization must be a part of your startup of strategy. It will not only get your business off to a right start, but it will also provide you with longevity for years to come.

Below are some of best practices for getting traction by using SEO tips that you should find useful for your new start-up business.

Selecting the Best SEO Tools for Your Business

There are so many SEO tools that are available in today’s market that it’s often difficult to choose which ones are best for you; particularly since there are a wide variety of SEO tools and strategies to choose from.

One of the best ways to kickstart your new startup business is by using the most effective SEO tools that are on the market and that is also consistent with your online business strategy.

With so many tools and strategies to choose from, how do you know if you’re actually selecting the most effective SEO tools for your specific industry and the way you plan to run your business. For example, there are a variety of SEO tools that can help new startup businesses. They include assistance with any one of the following strategies:

• link building
• keyword research
• content optimization
• backlink analysis
• technical SEO and so forth

So when considering the best SEO tools that the market has to offer, you must consider your overall marketing strategy and your marketing budget as well. There are do it yourself tools, free tools, and paid tools that are available on today’s market to assist you with your marketing efforts. But remember, you certainly get what you pay for. When deciding on SEO tools to use for your business, it’s important to compare features, price, ease of use and other performance functions before making a final decision.

SEO Based Software

Thankfully there is quality, industry-recognized SEO-based software that is also available to help you do your job a lot easier.

When seeking out the most suitable SEO software for your business, it can be confusing as well because it is often difficult to know which is more user-friendly than others, whether it has high ratings for its level of accuracy, overall performance, pricing and overall features.

Some of the best SEO software that has been recognized by the industry as some of the top performers are indicated below. They have a large number of active clients and high client retention rate and consist of the following:

Name of SEO Number of Client
Software Program Active Clients Retention

1. Internet Business Promoter 100+ 93%
2. SEOPressor5 200 98%
3. Traffic Travis 200 95%
4. SERPWoo 200 97%
5. Clickx 500+ 99%
6. SEO Master Express. 500+ 95%
7. SEnuke XCr 554 88%
8. 1,000+ 97%
9. SEO Power Suite. 100,000 92%
10. Web CEO LTD 500,000+ 90%

These are just a few of the SEO based software options that are available for you to choose from. Obviously, there are costs associated with each of them that range anywhere between the low, mid-range and high-end programs. You will have to keep your budget in mind along with the features and functions that you are expecting from your desired SEO software program.

Other things to consider when selecting software include any additional services that they may provide as well and could include service such as:
• an integration of SEO & PPC software
• e-commerce and other performance-based tools
• social media marketing and link building services
• site audits, and
• Basic SEO optimization


If you are looking for an SEO tool that is more all-inclusive than some of the other programs that are on the market than consider SEMrush. It is an excellent option that performs keyword research functions, tracks the keyword strategy that has been used by your competitors, seeks out backlinking opportunities and can also be used to run an SEO audit of your current blog among other things.

This software is used and trusted by some of the internet’s most savvy internet marketers on a worldwide basis. It is also used and trusted by a huge number of large and small businesses on a worldwide basis as well.

This software was founded in 2008 and generates between $5 million – $10 million in revenue. Although the price for this software is more on the high end, it is very well worth it. It comes with high-quality performance tools and includes E-commerce and SEO functionalities. It was rated a 98 for accuracy, 100 for efficiency, 100 for GUI Interface, 99 for software features and 100 for support. Their major clients consist of Forbes, Shoppers Choice, and

Competitor Analysis

If you want to take your SEO marketing activities to an even higher level, then you may consider performing an SEO competitor analysis so that you can learn more about your competition. You will be able to evaluate some of their marketing trends, their strengths and weaknesses as well as their marketing and SEO based strategies. Competitor analysis is a great way to stay a step ahead of the game by making sure your marketing strategy is relevant and competitive. It is also a highly necessary part of any new or well-established company’s overall marketing plan.


If you want to become even savvier about implementing marketing strategies and using the best SEO tools on the market, then you should consider using Ahrefs. It is known for performing a high-level analysis of SEO and backlinks. Ahrefs considered is one of the industry’s leaders in multiple areas.

Implementing these SEO tools and strategies may seem overwhelming to a new start-up business, but considering how digital marketing has provided a level playing field overall, mastering SEO now becomes everybody’s game in the world of marketing. In fact, it is those who implement the digital marketing strategies that include SEO techniques that drive traffic to their site and increase conversions. They are the ones that put out the extra work and thus reap the rewards and the highest returns possible. Implementing good SEO strategies have been known to result in:

1. Providing exposure and improving brand recognition
2. Increasing customer engagement and interactions
3. Driving more traffic to your landing page or website
4. Increasing the clickthrough rate
5. Improving conversions, sales, and ROI
6. Building trust and customer loyalty, and
7. Improving customer retention

As you can see, there are a lot of benefits that are associated with integrating SEO into your current marketing strategy. It may take time to build up to the results indicated above, but it is well worth the effort.

To conclude, although in the book Traction, there are 19 channels of traction that are recommended for new startup businesses to experience tremendous growth, the area of SEO alone can be very instrumental in assisting a startup company to jump-start their business and gain a huge amount of momentum and high returns. This is possible provided SEO is properly implemented and managed throughout the duration of its marketing campaign.

To learn more about how to implement SEO strategies in your business, please contact our office to learn more today.

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