How do we track success?

You get access to our client dashboard to see where you are now and what we are targeting in terms of boosting your search engine rankings. It's all transparent, no pointless excel sheets or snake oil salesman from agencies that DON'T know SEO.

Is success guaranteed?

While we can't give you a simple yes or no answer, what we can say is that we work diligently to boost your keywords. If you competitor is ranking #1 then there is a reason, as Google is a calculation machine. We analyze and compare data then build out a comprehensive plan to take that number one spot.

Are you based in North America?

Yes, we are based in downtown Toronto. You can use the contact form if you wish to arrange a client meeting, email or call, if you aren't based locally.

How much experience do you have?

We are a group of some of the world's most experienced SEO's. We have experience of every hat, white, black and everything in between, we don't take some other SEO's opinion as gospel purely based on their best guesses, we test all the time, from EMD's, PMD's to Page Rank, and domain metrics, content keyword density and virtually every other metric and technique that Google is looking for as a 'signal'.

If you aren't happy with any part of our service, we will work free until you are!