Choosing The Best SEO Companies For Small Business

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If you operate a business in the Toronto area, then you already know the importance of being visible to your customers online. Your return-on-investment (ROI) on the investment of hiring a good search engine optimization firm to help you achieve your search optimization goals can simply not be overstated.

Your Online Visibility

Your ability to use techniques to get your SEO content to be seen on the internet can help you succeed in meeting your marketing goals in many different ways including:

  • Increasing traffic to your website
  • Generating new leads
  • Moving customers through the sales funnel
  • Building awareness of your brand
  • Increasing the trustworthiness of your organization
  • Cultivating an ongoing relationship with current customers
  • Attracting the right new employees
  • Maximizing your return-on-investment

Consulting with the right SEO firm can help you meet all these goals and more. It is only when you start breaking down these goals into steps to be completed that you begin to grasp the importance of working with an SEO consultant that their value becomes extremely obvious.

Bring More Traffic to Your Website

There are several different ways that traffic can be brought to a website by using an effective SEO strategy. In the past, over 33 percent of all organic traffic went to the first position on Google, but that is not the case anymore as there are many different ways that search engine optimization services can help you to rank on Google’s first page giving you a stronger presence online including:

  • Answer boxes– These boxes attempt to help answer the most popular questions without leaving the SERP page. Try creating short answers as they may be picked up and featured in these answer boxes.
  • Featured snippets– The average featured snippet is between 45 and 96 words long. These bits of data from your site include a link to your site for more information with the most common ones answer how-to and why questions.
  • Best of– These are usually bulleted lists featuring the best of a particular category of products. For example, the best hotels in Jamaica or the best foods to eat to lose weight. Formatting different products with h2 tags may help Google find them to incorporate your products into these lists.
  • Numbered Lists– This content is usually a how-to do something in a numbered list.
  • Tables– These results are similar to featured snippets, but they appear in the form of a table. Think through how you can create meaningful displays to summarize data for viewers quickly in table form.
  • Video Results– While you may see just one video result, these are usually presented in a carousel of three to five choices. Since YouTube and Google are both owned by Alphabet, it is almost a sure bet that YouTube videos will be chosen.
  • Rich Snippets– These are reviews, stars or prices listed under URL titles. While you will need to win the organic search war for key terms to get these listed on Google, you can show them by using mobile rich cards on your listing.
  • Knowledge Graphs– Often gotten from Wikipedia, these graphs show key information about your company and its people. It is essential that your website and other sources do not list contradicting information as it may send contradictory signals to Google on what information is correct.
  • Knowledge Panels– Similar to knowledge graphs, these listings for brick-and-mortar locations show information about the business. Most data is obtained from Google Maps and Google My Business.
  • Local Packs– These listings aimed at people looking for local search results show where to find a particular item or services like SEO in Toronto, pizza or takeout. In the past, these have shown three or more listings that placed highly organically, but now, Google sometimes shows an organic listing here. Regardless, there seems to be little debate that the quality and quantity of your reviews matter along with other local SEO efforts to help local customers find you.
  • Related Questions Links– Similar to answer boxes, these show questions that you might want to find an answer to relating to the initial query. These questions often look very similar to related search listings, however, there may be fewer of them.
  • Image Pack– These packs usually feature three to five images chosen from Google Image Search. Enhance your odds of having your images chosen by choosing ones that elicit an emotional impact or show your product in a unique way.
  • Twitter Carousels– These carousels often show hot topics trending on Google. Get chosen for these by creating meaningful tweets tied to trending topics.
  • News Boxes– Except for reliable mainstream news sources it can be difficult to get chosen for these. Instead, try to get a featured by serving as a resource for news outlets when they run stories about your industry.

Ways to Increase Engagement With Your Website

Traffic can arrive at your page from your blue listings on search result pages or from SERP features. They can also arrive at your site from a social media or from another source altogether. All of these increase traffic to your website, the next step is to drive engagement. There are several ways that SEO experts can increase engagement once people find the website.

Making Your Site In-depth

Many companies touch only on the top edge of a topic. The websites getting the most traffic are those who cover every aspect of a topic comprehensively. One way that you can do this is to use a tool to find all the words related to your niche market. Then, create a list of questions related to those words and cover them with content on your site.


An effective way to do this is to create quality blogs often as they help to build your organic SEO. If you do not have the time to develop great content yourself, then create curated posts pointing your viewers to worthwhile information on other’s websites.

Using Buyer Personas

When creating content on your site, keep your buyers’ personas in mind. Then, create content speaking directly to them. Your persona should include industry worked in, job titles, problems they are using your product to solve, personal background, location, shopping preferences and many other factors. The best way to create a buyer’s persona is to ask your customers and targeted customers about themselves because many discover that their intended audience and their audience are two different things. The best SEO practices are meant to drive these people to your website and provide them with them with information that they will want to share with others.

Every piece of created content should have one or more keyword phrases in it. Unless you are a big enough company to be competitive at the very top of your industry, then consider conducting keyword research to find keywords near the middle of the pack that real customers are likely to enter into search engines can help increase your brand’s placings. Using these words proven effective at allowing companies like yours to place at the top for those phrases in search engine rankings driving more people to your website. Do not overlook the importance of using a local keyword if you are a locally based business.

Employing the Right Words

Another good way to determine words that you may want to target is to do a competitive analysis of your competition’s sites. See what words and phrases, they are targeting and come up with a content development plan to create better content than they have on those words can be a highly effective way to overtake them. Your SEO copywriting should aim, however, at connecting with your own company’s buyer persona that may be different than theirs.

Move Customers Through the Sales Funnel

There are several different ways that SEO campaigns can be utilized to help you meet your business goals by moving people through the sales funnel. While some of the techniques will include on page work, other techniques will include off-page SEO. While we attempt very hard to talk in a language that our customers understand, there are several different web analytics that is useful in telling us where you are currently losing customers out of the sales funnel affecting a company’s revenue. One of the most affordable SEO services that you can have performed is a web analysis. Yet, an SEO audit is also one of the most effective.


The sales funnel starts with brand awareness. One useful tool in measuring the effectiveness of your website is to look at where your links pointing to your site are coming from and how to boost their numbers. Using a tool, like Google Analytics, will show you the number of people who are arriving at your site through Google and other engines, directly typing your company’s address into the URL bar and social media. Understanding where your traffic comes from helps you know what is working and helps you plan to attract more customers in that way or strengthen other means.


After you have built or strengthened your presence online, then you need to use good SEO marketing to build interest in your company’s products or services. One of the ways that we often suggest that customers use to generate interest in their product or service is to use a great linking strategy. Claim and use social media to let your customers share their great experience with your company. Then, share what your customers have said about you on your own website to get your company’s imaged optimized.


Another great way that the best SEO services often recommend to their customers is to use link building services. Backlinks to your website from other reputable sources are like those other websites sharing part of their authority with you saying that they recognize that you have expertise in your niche market. It is vital that your link building focuses on links coming from reputable websites that have equal or greater authority than your own. An outstanding tool to use at this point is a link analysis allowing you to see what links your competitors are using that you are currently missing.

Building Your Authority

Yet, another way to build interest in your product or service is off page SEO. The goal of talking about your company off your site is accumulating positive signals from a variety of different sources. You control much of what is said about your company off your site. One way that you do this is by offering a great product meeting customer’s needs better than other options on the market. Another way that you control this is by offering great customer service. One of the most effective ways to do this is to write articles to raise your status within your industry so that no one will want to miss what you have to say on related topics. Then, get them accepted to reputable trade journals and news sites. Of course, if you are not a writer, then you may want someone to write the content for you and post it after your approval.


Your SEO analysis should also allow you to see why your rates of turning lookers into buyers are not what you desire. SEO consultants often look at programs to see what pages potential customers are landing on and where they are leaving your site before making a purchase. After the analysis, then pages can be moved to create an easier path for customers through your website and a stronger navigation system.


The last step in the sales funnel is action and your entire SEO campaign should be aimed at bringing more customers to this point and having them take the action that you desire. A behavioural analysis of your site is useful at this point because it allows you to see what buttons your customers are taking. Then, you can optimize to get more people to buy, download or meet other goals that you have set for your website.

What’s the Next Step?

Now that you understand basic SEO techniques and have some basic SEO training, you should realize that you need to work with a professional SEO in Toronto service to build your online presence. There are many SEO companies, so we understand that choosing the right one to help you with your internet marketing and search marketing can be difficult. When choosing a white hat SEO company to assist you in asking some basic questions can help you find the one best meeting your needs.

Who Are Some Of Your Current and Past Customers?

While many in the field work under strict confidentiality clauses, an expert should be able to tell you some of their clients and give you some contact information. Then, contact those individuals to see that they received SEO packages from the expert and if they were generally satisfied with their search engine results. While the contact may be hesitant to discuss specifics, you should still be able to get a general consensus if they would use the team again.

How will you improve my website?

There are at least three key areas that the expert should suggest how to improve your site. They should start with an audit allowing them to understand how the site is performing now and its greatest strengths and weaknesses. Secondly, the expert should run a technical audit fixing any errors that exist on the site allowing you to receive full credit for the work that has already been completed. The third thing that the expert should say they will do is to help you discover the right words receiving the correct amount of traffic to use on your site. Then, they should be able to give you a proposal on how to improve in all three areas. Make sure that their answer includes steps taken off your site to improve your site’s trustworthiness.

Do You Adhere To The Webmaster’s Guidelines?

Your site can be hit by heavy penalties if it is caught doing 12 different things. A penalized site can have an extremely hard time recovering so make sure that the expert does not:

  • Allow a program to automatically generate content.
  • Participate in link schemes including the buying or selling of links or any other practice where links are not intended to add real value to viewers.
  • Create empty pages that add no real value.
  • Cloak which involves people seeing one version of a web page while search engine crawlers see a different version.
  • Install bad redirects sending viewers to a different page than what the search engine crawler saw
  • Add hidden texts or links designed to send secret messages to crawlers

Can You Guarantee My Position On a Search Engine?

No one can guarantee your placing on a search engine. There are over 200 different factors that Google consider when placing websites. While your chosen expert should be able to list several of the more important ones, they should not guarantee your placing. Making it even more difficult to determine your exact placing, Google changes their algorithm on an almost daily basis. Therefore, your site can be cruising along in great shape one day and plummet the next. Give your expert time to adjust.

Do You Have Experience in Ranking Local Websites?

If you are a small business serving customers in a brick-and-mortar business, then your expert should be prepared to focus on certain things that make up good SEO including:

  • Ranking for proximity-based words
  • Link signals including inbound anchor texts
  • Location-based words in titles
  • Optimizing reviews and Google My Business description
  • Social media engagement
  • On page optimization

Will you seek my approval before making changes or send me a list of changes?

Your expert should keep you abreast of what they are doing. Your personal management style will determine how hands-on you want to be. It is essential to work out these details before working with anyone eliminating challenges down the road.

How do you measure the success of a campaign?

Different experts use different measurements to show that their efforts are working. Agreeing on which goals will meet your objectives ahead of time is vital to building a thriving relationship with your chosen expert. Be sure to set specific, measurable, attainable and realistic goals before starting and measure these goals on a regular basis.

What are your normal fees and terms?

Make sure to understand what is included in the basic fee. Commonly, these experts work on project-based fees, but you will also see if they need a retainer to keep working on your project. Generally, the project fee includes:

  • Optimizing on social media
  • Writing website copy
  • Analyzing rates of conversion
  • Fixing technical errors
  • Online reputation management
  • Real-time tracking

Your expert should be able to tell you exactly what is included in their fees and give you different options depending on what you want to be done.

What happens if things do not work out?

If you and the expert agree to part ways, then you should ensure that you own the content on your website. The best time to write what happens at the end of a contract is before it begins when everyone is expecting things to work well. The contract should also spell out exactly what services are to be provided and when payment is to be made.

At the end of the interviews, we firmly believe that our company easily rises to the top. We have over 10 years of industry experience and have probably worked with an industry similar to yours. We gladly tell you some of our favourite customers have been League, Quiz Coconut, FreshBooks, Bell Aliant, Progeny Genealogy and the Chronicle Herald. We look forward to hearing from you. As an added bonus, we will give you a free consultation and a free quote. Learn what a difference working with us will make to your Toronto-based or Canada-based company today. In fact, we are happy to work with customers around the world.

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